Clubhouse: Finding Connections That Matter

  1. Introducing Clubhouse
  2. Clubhouse: Finding Connections That Matter
  3. Clubhouse: Step Up on a Virtual Stage
  4. Clubhouse: Tips on Drawing a Large Crowd
  5. Generating Product Ideas from Clubhouse

Just as with other social media platforms, it’s the connections that you make that provide the most value to you. You should make it your driving goal on this site to locate the people you want to learn from – and lead.

This might be comedians, musicians, or others in the entertainment field. Or, it can be marketers or branding experts – other people who are creating a business. Many of these connections may offer the opportunity to take part in a Q & A session.

Many of the connections you can find here are people who already have a huge following on other social media sites. What you want to focus on is finding the people who will want to follow you as well.

That’s how you build your brand on the site. The way to find someone on the platform isn’t that difficult. There’s a search feature that will allow you to go through the member list.

Unlike other social media sites, there’s no way you can hide your profile. So anyone who joins will be able to see who you are as well as be able to read the information you put in your profile’s bio.

As soon as you join, you’ll be able to access the various rooms. When you see these rooms, the app will show you who’s in the room. Sometimes, the room will be packed with participants, but other times, there may only be a handful of people.

As soon as you go into a room, you’ll be able to hear the conversation that’s taking place. But you don’t automatically get the chance to share your thoughts or give advice, because whoever set the room up determines the flow of the conversation by allowing which speaker gets to talk.

If they don’t choose you, then you won’t get to speak. Connecting with others happens because of the links to your other social media sites that you’ll share on the platform. You need to have an iPhone to join, and then you’ll download the app and sign up, if no one has given you an invitation yet.

You might interact with other small business owners or CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. Once you do find people who you want to interact with, you’ll be able to use those connections to further your knowledge or build your brand or business.

If you want to, though, you can mutually follow each other and will have the option of creating a private room with someone else so that the two of you – or handful of people – can carry on a conversation all together on the site.

Because there’s no one area of posts to check out like there is on other social media sites, you won’t glean much if you don’t take part in the room conversations. The biggest benefit to being a part of Clubhouse is all the networking that you can do.

Because of the exclusivity of the site, there are a lot of big names there. You’ll find business leaders and gurus that you wouldn’t normally be able to have a conversation with on there.

You’ll have the chance to interact with these people. To grow your connections faster, you’ll want to join the clubs that are on the platform. If you’re new, you might not know all the clubs that are available.

To find the clubs that might interest you, check out which clubs other members belong to. You’ll find this information at the bottom of a member’s profile if they’re in a club. If it looks like something that might interest you, you can join. The clubs can be arranged by niche, jobs, special interests, hobbies and more.