Clubhouse: Tips on Drawing a Large Crowd

  1. Introducing Clubhouse
  2. Clubhouse: Finding Connections That Matter
  3. Clubhouse: Step Up on a Virtual Stage
  4. Clubhouse: Tips on Drawing a Large Crowd
  5. Generating Product Ideas from Clubhouse

Clubhouse uses followers to draw in a crowd as one way to create the opportunity to go viral. If you have a connection on the site and that person becomes a speaker, you’ll get a notice.

It’s the same way with you. Once you start speaking, those in your following list will get notified and can drop in on the conversation. You can go from a handful of people listening to thousands.

The more you interact within a room and the more you speak on stage, the more followers you’ll gain. But there are a few key tips to making sure you draw a large crowd that can lead you to viral fame on the platform.

The first is content. You must have something of value to talk about. That goes for any room that you’re in – even if you’re in a hobby room or just chatting about an interesting topic.

Have something to add to the conversation that invokes emotion or informs. Tap into the audience’s emotion and they’re with you. But you can only do this if you understand your audience.

That’s why you need to get to know the people in the room or in the club. The better you know or understand them, the more likely it is that you’ll go viral. Say something that matters and people will talk about it and you.

They’ll check out your links and seek to connect with you elsewhere. This grows your followers. Who you know also matters on Clubhouse. You need to follow the people who are influencers and get them to follow you.

Network with these people and engage with them for the purpose of pairing up. When you join with an influencer, it grows your own following. People will start talking about the content that you’re sharing.

You’ll come across as someone who’s “in the know” and others will want to be part of your world. Make sure that you’re relatable. No one can relate to perfect people. But they can relate to those who’ve felt their pain or struggle – or someone who shares a like-minded dream.

It gives a sense of camaraderie that you “get it.” People will flock to those they can relate to and this can create a viral situation for you. When you speak or interact, give the listeners what’s important and don’t ramble.

Be on their level – even if you have a lot more experience or you’re further along in the journey than they are. Leave room for a two way interaction or conversation. You build relationships, make connections, gain followers and end up going viral this way.