Introducing Clubhouse

  1. Introducing Clubhouse
  2. Clubhouse: Finding Connections That Matter
  3. Clubhouse: Step Up on a Virtual Stage
  4. Clubhouse: Tips on Drawing a Large Crowd
  5. Generating Product Ideas from Clubhouse

Social media is a type of platform that you can use to build your brand, boost your sales or connect with people in the same niche or other niches that you’d like to lead or learn about.

There are some familiar sites around that are household names – like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. But now there’s a new social networking app called Clubhouse – and everyone is talking about it.

What’s the Difference Between Clubhouse and Other Social Media?

While most social networks are similar in nature, allowing images, videos and text communication, Clubhouse is different. Innovative. That’s because it uses live audio as the media format of choice.

This is a better form of interacting, because it’s easier to have a conversation with someone when it’s in real time. Plus, you’ll get the emotional impact and voice inflection from an audio based conversation when you’re networking that you don’t get just by reading what someone posts.

When you’re part of Clubhouse, you get the opportunity to join in discussions that are taking place live. It happens in real time, at all hours of the day and night, so if you miss that conversation, you don’t get a chance to go back and listen to it because nothing about the discussion gets saved.

The site has what are called rooms. You can choose to go into a room and listen to what everyone is talking about. There will be different topics, depending on the room you choose to enter.

Some users choose to open up their own room and hold a conversation with others. There’s no time limit on how long people in a room can converse. What makes Clubhouse special is that the focus is solely audio.

That means you’re not going to have to put up with scrolling through tons of posts to catch up on what’s going on. It also means that there’s no comments posting where people are arguing or spewing nonsense.

Since it’s real time, what Clubhouse does is brings back the humanity part of social interacting. You can’t send other members private messages, either, so there’s no “buy my product” or salesy type gimmicks going on in an inbox.

Instead, you get true value for your time. While you’re in a room, you can listen – and if you have something to contribute, you can go onto what’s called the stage. The rooms can be moderated, and the moderators can choose who gets to speak.

You can glean a lot of information from people from all walks of life as well as professionals or those who are experts in any given field. If you have something valuable to contribute to the conversations, that increases your potential to network within the site.

The thing that makes Clubhouse invitations highly sought after is that it’s currently not open for everyone. This gives it that exclusivity missing from other social media sites.
In addition to the real time conversations taking place, the site doesn’t allow for any private messaging.

That means you won’t deal with the hassle of having strangers reaching out to you, which can sometimes be alarming, depending on their behavior. If there’s a connection to be made, it’s all within the rooms and public to everyone in attendance.

During the conversations, you might get the opportunity to share more of your input by stepping up to the stage. This is a great opportunity for you to share value and build a good reputation.