How Social Media & Search Engine Optimization Work Together

Search engine optimization (SEO) and social media have an interconnected relationship. If you have one you have the other. Search engines look at all of the content you have shared/written, including what is posted on your social media, and use that information within their results when individuals are searching.

Knowing that SEO and social media are connected you can use this to your advantage. Here are a few reasons how this can help you:

Know your audience

When creating posts to gain more followers on your social media keep your ideal client in mind. You will want to use keywords (which helps your SEO ranking) in your posts while still writing to your audience. Be an expert in your field, make true connections and your followers will increase.

Brand Awareness

Millions of people use social media daily, this avenue of marketing can’t be ignored. Be sure to post relevant and intriguing content regularly to keep this audience engaged and your brand front and centre in their mind.

Be You

Social media is where you have the opportunity to not only brand yourself but show your audience that you are a real person. Share what you love, thank your customers for their reviews and be present.

Drive Traffic

Getting likes and followers is important but business isn’t run on followers alone. Link your posts to your website so that you are driving those followers to your website. Search engines love this  and as more people go to your website it will also increase your search ranking.

Consistency and Ranking

There are many different social media websites, use the social media platforms that will target your ideal clients most. Once you know which platforms you will be focussing on be sure to be consistent. Share your blogs on your social media and keep any links in your blog accurate. Social media is fast paced and you need to keep your posts relevant and current. By doing this you will be boosting your website’s ranking on search engines.

Right Content

Social media has great features that show you analytics for your various posts. By reviewing your analytics you will be able to determine which posts are gaining the most traction and can be strategic in what content you post moving forward.

Mobile Pages

Many people use their phones to look things up now. Having your website mobile friendly is important. Equally important is ensuring that the website is loading quickly – if it is too slow, people move on.


SEO uses keywords to rank your website, use those keywords in your social media posts.

Local Searches

Search engines have great features like ‘search near me’ which means that you need to be very clear and correct about where your business is located. Double check all of your addresses, phone numbers or other information is accurate and consistent with all of your social media accounts and website. There are websites dedicated to boosting local businesses (e.g. Yelp) so be sure that you are taking advantage of this by listing your correct address. (And if you are in the Niagara region, get a free listing on our new shoplocalniagara.com site!)


Ask your previous clients to write a review on your social media. Search engines notice these and can help your ranking on the search engine results page.