How to Increase Reach on your Facebook Business Page

I hear from so many business owners how they are just not getting the visibility on their Facebook Business Page that they hoped for.  It is important to understand that Facebook ultimately controls how much visibility you get based on the algorithms they have in place.

When it comes to the algorithms, we ultimately only reach 1% of our following, so in order to reach more people, you have to receive engagement (like/comment/shares) on your posts.  When you get engagement, the algorithms will actually help in pushing your posts out further, therefore increasing your reach.

So how do you get engagement and increase the number of people reached?

  • Content is KEY.  It is important to focus on 80% value and 20% business promotion.  If you focus on doing daily promotional style posts, you will not get the engagement.  When we provide value, you will start to see your engagement growing.
    • Ask questions that are fun
    • Ask questions to get to know your audience
    • Offer tips and tricks
    • Find articles of educational value that benefit your followers
    • Use the Poll type feature, with funny Gifs
    • Use motivational and inspirational quotes
    • Post funny memes
    • Do Live videos
    • Do contests
    • Promote your business
    • Offer deals/specials
  • Share your posts into a variety of groups within your target area
    • Since the algorithms reward us with engagement and a ‘share’ is considered engagement, this is something that you can do to help get your post out to more people.  I recommend 5-7 shares per day (be careful if you share more than this as you could end up in Facebook jail for being considered a spammer)
  • When people are commenting on your posts, consider replying as your personal name and not your business page name as this will reflect as engagement by a person and will reward you with the algorithms.  When we do anything in our Business Page format (liking, commenting, sharing), it is not recognized as engagement because we are only rewarded when a ‘person’ engages.  So keep in mind, if you have joined groups as your Business Page and you are sharing into the group, these shares will not count, you need to share them as your personal name.

These are just a few ways that you can increase your reach on your Business Page without having to invest any monies into Sponsored Ads or Boosting of posts.