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Free listings include:

  • Space for 300 x 300 px image with logo (image not included)
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  • Space for a Business Blurb (not provided)
  • Website Link

To see an example of a FREE LISTING: In Directory  and Actual Profile.

Please note: your business must be located in the Niagara Region (Canada) for a free listing.

Add Ons:

Image: If you would like a 300 x 300 image created for you, you must provide the component images (store front, product shot, head shot, logo) and one can be created for you for $15. Please specify below if this is required.

Review Connections: If you wish to have your reviews pulled in and displayed from sites like Facebook, Google My Business, Yelp, TrustPilot, etc click here to learn about the Augmented Listing.